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The DMD computer aided conductor interface

I played at Roskilde Festival 1/7 1995 (131kb. au) where I had 4 keyboard players supporting me.
They were conducted by me using a computer generated interface the picture outline the setup. I used an Amiga 500 as control station with connections to four tv-monitor in front of them showing what and how to play
I only used the midi information coming from their keyboards, as I controlled the sounds and who was to play (if any).

The uppermost part of the picture assembling a keyboard tells which tones they were allowed to use, the next part off the picture assembles octaves on the keyboard, telling which octaves to play - controlled by colors;
  • red - do not use this octave
  • yellow - you can use this octave but do not use it often
  • green - please use this octave.
There are two more bars respectively controlling the number off simultaneous tones and the number off tones pr. "timeunit" both ranging from min. to max. (no absolute values).
Each bar could be filled with red in the entire area or only in some part. As I made the red area broader (using the Amiga's keyboard) the more freedom they had, if I made it smaller they were restricted to play more within my control.

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