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By Mads Mortensen broadcast in Demodoktoren week 42-1994.
By Henrik Föhns broadcast in Harddisken week 32-1996
Extract from "Aprils cool way" by Tordis Berstrand from Jam Magazine #62 December 1996.
Reviews on DMD CDs
The Lions are growing
HIP en hyldest til Steppeulvene
Boredom is deep and mysterious vol. 2
My left side is out of sync.
Boredom is deep and mysterious
More Cellumat cell music interface!
"Forstokkelse" a computer installation at the exhibition "Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg"
About "My left side is out of sync." (Danish)
DMD sinus wave composer - a Java applet.
A Sound memory shockwave game
The DMD computer aided conductor interface used at Roskilde Festivalen 95.
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Future sound of DMD (Shockwave plug in needed).
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Ambient automat - a Java applet and its creation.
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