"Forstokkelse" a computer installation at the exhibition
"Foråsudstillingen - Charlottenborg" 1997 15/3 - 6/4

A composers life and work.

About the program
The program will be born at the beginning of the exhibition and will run without interruptions until the last day of the exhibition.
From birth the program is predisposed to different artistic expresions. These artistic faculties needs to become known to the program before it can make any use of them.

This process developes partly through input from the audience partly from the program itself.

The program needs to be presented to these abillities a number of times before it will be able to use them by itself, before this happens it will only play music in a chaotic maner. But after some time it will be able to play more and more complex music.

The process is out of my control so how and when it will learn different musical abillityes cant be forseen. And then again it could also be it never learn anything because the input - from itself and from the audience - is so caotic that the predisposed abillityes never will become useable.

From the exhibition

Backside of the "contact-floor"

A screenshot

Contact DMD

Peter Fjeldberg