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The automat is playing an array of sound (like a looping tape). The array is updated with data from the various modules whenever new data is available. To reflect changes on potmeters and buttons the sound is constantly recalculated. The newly calculated sound is then copied to the sound array. To prevent clicks-pops and odd things to happen "recording" (copying) is synchronized with the "play-head"s position on the "tape".

The effect of the computation, copying, and synchronization is that whenever a change is made it takes a little while before you actually hear the change. The time elapsed before you hear the new sound varies with your computational capacity and the number of active modules - so please be patient. How many modules you will be able to use without disrupted sound will depend on your computational capacity.


Preset Database

Entering New User
Choose your new user name and possible a password and fill the form.

User Name:
User name:
Select a User name you can retreive your presets with
If you want to protect your presets with a password you have to give an email address where the password can be send to in case you have forgotten your password.
Select a password if you do not want other people to be able save new presets using your user name or overwriting your presets with new presets (using your User name).

Retrieving Presets
When you want to work with your presets you just fill in your user name into the master/user area of the Ambient Automat nd press "search" your presets will be retrieved from the server and you will be able to work with them.--> Type in your user name in the "Master-User text box" you do not have to give your password to do this. If you do not give an user name you will automatically be given "Anybody" as user name. Press the search button and your presets will be listed in the list area where you can listen to them by clicking on them.

Saving Presets
You ave on preset at a time by typing a preset name in the "Master-Preset text box", type your user name in the "Master-User text box" if you have a password type that in the "Master-Id text box" and press the "save" button. If you do not give a preset name it will be named "Preset NR" where NR is a number.
If you specified a preset name already existing it will be replaced.

Special User Names
If you do not give an user name in the search area of the automat you will automatically be given "Anybody" as user name.
User name "Anybody" do not need a password, all people have access to creating and overwriting presets using user name "Anybody". If you use "Anybody" (or no user name) as user name your presets only exist for a limited time.
User name "DMD" is used for some "default" presets. You cant save presets using user name "DMD".

Connecting With Modem
If you use a modem to connect to the internet you do not have to be connected at all times when you work with the automat, but every time you want to retreive or save you presets you have to connect to the internet again just before you use the "search" or "save" buttons.


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