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The page as it look at UPDATE.

Ambient Music Automat

How do you believe an Ambient automat should work?
Which words / parameters would you choose to express an ambient feeling?

The goal is to construct a "background music generator for netsurfing".
The adjustment for different needs and wishes will be done with a few but adequate parameters.

The Automat will be constructed during UPDATE and made available at the end of UPDATE.

A draft of the final automat
A draft of the final automat

Check any of these words / parameters you think are significant or adequate for an adaptable interface to the background music automat, and/or make new suggestions in the text area.

Musical continuity: min/max
Atmosphere continuity: min/max
Tonal scattering: min/max
Musical elements: nature sounds/synth sounds
Atmosphere: happy/sad
Atmosphere: light/dark
New suggestions:

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