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Ambient Music Automat
How do you believe an Ambient automat should work?
Which words / parameters would you choose to express an ambient feeling?

I am constructing a "Ambient automat" on the basis of my "Ambient synth".
I am working on how it will make and play sounds so I would very much like to get some comments on the interface to the automat. If you were to choose a small number of parameters: what should they be and how should they work, or just send me a note if you have any suggestions - Email to DMD

( Technical problems, limits, bugs and future changes )
Last update: March. 2 1997.

Set one of the ambient synths parameters to some value, and press "Make Sound" (if it don't start press it again), repeate with another ambient synth.
Help for Overtones, Diffusion, Regularity and Volume buttons.
When you push one of the buttons a window will appear containing one "slider" two knobs a menu and a button. They are useed to modulate the source parameter.

The top "slider" ( labeled amount ) sets the parameters minumum and maximum oscillation.
Speed sets the interval between updates (works counterclockwise leftmost=often rightmost=seldom)
Step sets how much one update will affect the parameter
The menu control the progress

  • Shift up+down equal progress first rising then falling in equal maner
  • Shift up it progress from the minimum value to the maximum value, were it restarts.
  • Shift down reverse order of Shift-up
  • Random unpredictical movements in both directions
  • Send me your e-mail address if you want to be notified upon changes/updates on the "ambient automat"
    E-Mail adr:

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